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Chain Discounts & Benefits For Independent Christian Retailers

August 26, 2016

Independent Christian Retailers Now Receiving National Account Discounts & Benefits

Partner with Signature Marketing and receive the discounts & benefits of a nationwide chain every day!

Retailers like Danny Vera have proven the impact of Signature Marketing promotions on their success. Now retailers with Signature Promotions are nationwide, in more states than Lifeway or Family Christian.

Signature Marketing Retailers are increasing their sales of New Release & Bestselling Books, Bibles, CDs & DVDs with chain discounts, tools & in-store promotions every month. View Retailer Success Stories here.

• Discounts Up to 70% • In-Store Endcap Promos
• Church Sales Tools • Free Weekly Marketing

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Danny Vera
Christ Centered Life Store

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Monthly Sale Promotions Are Featured In The Signature Marketing Promotions Planner

The Planner coordinates the monthly promotions, featuring sale prices and stickers, custom in-store signs and plan-o-grams, supported by store marketing. No one else compares to Signature Marketing for increasing discounts and sales with coordinated in-store promotions and marketing.
Sell More In-Store With Our Promotions, Marketing & Tools!
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