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Signature Marketing Network Drives Sales

The Signature Marketing Network Reaches Known Buyers!
Market to Customers of 200+ Christian Retailers, Church Bookstores, Broadcasters and Ministries.

Over 5 million known Christian product buyers visited the Network in 2016. Promote your products and drive increased sales in all channels with digital marketing including book chapters, audio and video samples, author interviews and more.

This Interactive, Multimedia, Online Network presents the sights, sounds and passion of Christian products directly to the hearts of shoppers in powerful new ways. Promote your products, message and branding through the proven Signature Marketing Network,™ effectively reaching millions of known Christian product buyers.

Signature Marketing Network™ Strategic Partnerships continue to create an environment of excellence and achieve results. Clients and partners benefit from the world-class online presentations and performance resulting from these strategic relationships with market leaders.

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Church Marketing Promotions Vendor Advertising

Drive Sales with Powerful Cross-Channel Church Marketing with Leading Christian Retailers

  • Annual Church Supplies & Church Resources Catalogs
  • Seasonal Church Promotions
  • Online Church Promotions

Innovative produces Annual and Seasonal Church Supplies Catalog promotions for over 150 leading Christian Retailers. Also provided are in-store merchandising aids, digital catalogs, e-mail promotions and Church Supplies Online for leading Christian Retailers.

Bestselling Church Resources are promoted by over 400 Christian Retailers with the Church Resources Catalog, Fast & Easy Fulfillment and the Equip the Church tools help build church sales and customer service.

In-Store Success Tools enable frontliners through Customer Service tools and sales aids, along with Fast & Easy Order Fulfillment.

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