Custom e-Blasts

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Promote Your Events to Customers Without the High Cost of Postage & Print!

Make your next in-store event a big success – send a Signature e-Blast. You can send your customized e-Blast to your entire e-mail list for one low price – as low as $99. It's fast, economical & SPAM compliant. Innovative handles the design work and the sending of your e-Blast. Include coupons to drive sales & traffic to your store.

Benefits of Signature e-Blasts
  • Cost effective – save big compared to postcard mailings (with postage & print)
  • Competitive – stay top-of-mind with your customers, they're probably receiving similar e-Blasts from the competition
  • Timely – communicate to your customers on time or on short notice
  • Flexible – choose the program that best fits the needs of your store (1x, 4x or 12x a year)
  • Accommodating – we allow you to send extra e-Blasts at your program level price
  • SPAM compliant – we'll include an unsubscribe link with your Signature e-Blast, giving customers the option to unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing – keeping your e-Blast SPAM compliant and within the rules
Signature e-Blast Ideas
  • In-store events
  • Special sales
  • In-store coupons
  • Artist or author signings
  • New Releases
  • Local concerts & more

CONTACT: Brandon Lusk or Rick Patterson for more details or to schedule your Signature e-Blast today!