Consumer Feedback

General Website Feedback

"At long last the Vineyard has a website that does justice to the venture. Well done Cheryl for making this happen. I'm sure the Vineyard will now go from strength to strength."
Brian W.

"Oh...and thank you for making it easy to reach someone (AND GET A RESPONSE) via email so quickly...that makes a world of difference in a customer's perception of good customer service!! You were great!!"
Anja W.

"I just wanted to let you know that I love the website. It's very well put together and professional."
Dana B. – Jackson, MS

"You are my new favorite site. What a valuable resource! Thank you for providing this great website."
Betty F. – Kissimmee, FL

"Thank you for the wonderful website you have. I have committed my life to Jesus Christ."
Maynard A. – Allentown, PA

"This website is wonderful. Keep up the good work."
Sharon S. – Kalamazoo, MI

"The website looks great and I already found a book I want to purchase."
Tracy M. – Marietta, GA

"I'm really impressed. Your website is easy to use and thorough. The search engine is helpful. I also enjoy being able to listen to each track of CDs."
Mary D. – Wichita, KS

"This is a good website, easy to navigate and full of interesting and timely choices. I especially liked the search tools and the devotions."
Maggie M. – Minneapolis, MN

"I previously lived near you and bought all my gifts at your store. Now I have moved away but would love to continue to shop at your store. Please advise if this is possible online."
Arlene F. – Tampa, FL

"This is a wonderful and very interactive website. Kudos!"
Beverly W. – Dorchester, MA

"I just wanted to tell you that I am impressed with your website. I do a lot of shopping and looking on the Internet and this is one place I will continue to come back to and shop with you."
Paula P. – Apache, OK

"You have an excellent web site, and a wide selection of products."
Robert H. – Lompoc, CA

"I'm glad that this site is available. I don't have a car so it's convenient to be able to get it off of the Internet. And so far the shipments have been a lot faster than I had expected."
Esther C. – Lansdale, PA

"Very fine website!!! I would imagine this helps a lot in attracting business to the store."
Richard T. – Evington, VA

"Thank you for the CD/DVD they are terrific. I listen to the CD on my way home from work. I haven't won much in my lifetime so this was a wonderful surprise."
Sheila M. – Pelzer, SC

"Thank you for keeping me informed of the upcoming events and holidays."
Louise Cook – Hampton, VA

"This is a blessing. I love it."
Jennifer G. – Philadelphia, PA

"Love your website. Love your store. Shop there often."
Eydie R. – Bedford, IN

"I took a chance to look for particular music. What a surprise! I stayed for a good 30-40 minutes just browsing. Thank you for a great trip. I'll be back. Love to come to the store also. You have a wonderful site."
Sharon – Gray, GA

"This is quite the web site...I haven't had time to explore it before tonight! Who is managing it? They are doing an excellent job."
Michele W. – Big Rapids, MI

"I am a faithful shopper at your local store and I really enjoy the website."
Edith B. – Independence, MO

"The in-store coupons are great. I feel it really does encourage more shopping."
Katherine C. – Irvine, CA

"Today is the first time I visited this site. I am very impressed and will be back."
Pat B. – Macon, GA

"I really like your website. It is easy to navigate through and I was able to find everything I was looking for. This is one of the best sites I have found so far."
Amanda M. – Otto, NC

"I love the site. It is easy to navigate and makes it very convenient to shop when I cannot get out to the store."
Dawn R. – Bangor, PA

"This website is amazing. It's a blessing to have access to the e-cards."
Sally A. – Hollywood, CA

"Thanks for letting me send the free e-cards. It has helped me show people about your website."
Gilbert B. – Rehrersburg, PA

"I just want to tell you that the e-cards are fabulous, awesome. I will recommend this place to anyone who wants to send e-cards."
Joyce R. – Oklahoma City, OK

"I love you email cards and enjoy sending them to my family."
Nadine – Dallas, TX

"Thanks for the greeting card. This was my first visit to your site."
Glenn – Immokalee, FL

"Thank you for letting me send a free e-card to a friend in need. You have such a beautiful collection of inspirational cards. It's very hard to find anything Christian at the other websites. May God bless all your efforts to spread His Word."
Linda C. – Naples, FL

"I think this web site is terrific. I was feeling blue and my brother sent me a card from your site. It's beautiful! I just now listened to some Christian music the fish and it was so touching and heart warming. I felt the Lord in my presence. I will put this web site on top of my favorites list. Thank you for such a wonderful up lifting experience."
Mrs. William H. – Bangor, PA

Product Selection

"You have a tremendous variety of products in your store. I am also impressed with the quality of products and the prices look competitive."
James L. – Wichita, KS

"You have a tremendous variety of products in your store."
James L. – Wichita, KS

"You have a great variety of products in your online store. I don't know if you're looking for any additional product lines, but if you are, you might consider jewelry & home decor."
James L. – Wichita, KS

Spiritual Helps

"I was looking at your website today and I really have to tell you this is a great website I love your "How to Find God" page. I think in today's age a lot of folks are missing that step. Thank you for adding that to your website."
Sharlene L. – Redding, CA

"Thank you for the wonderful web site you have. I have committed my life to Jesus Christ. I enjoyed the 4 steps you provided. May God bless you abundantly."
Maynard A. – Allentown, PA