Signature Marketing Network Benefits

"We are getting to the point in most small-business categories where it will soon be safe to say that if you're not online, you're not serious about being in business." – Joel Kocher, CEO of Interland

Retailing has been changed forever with the emergence of the Internet. No longer do consumers rely solely on the yellow pages for information. Gone are the days when the local Christian bookstore was the only shopping destination for Christian resources.

Today, consumers often judge a business by their website. Retailers without an online presence may be dismissed as out of touch or never discovered to begin with by consumers dependent on the Internet to connect to stores ready to meet their needs.

The average Christian retailer mails a catalog to their customers (often just a subset of their mailing list to reduce costs) 2-4 times per year. Consumers today are looking for timely product information at a much higher frequency than the average store could afford. E-mail promotions (also called "e-mail marketing") allow you to increase the "face time" you have with your customers. Imagine being able to communicate with your customers every 1-2 weeks (weekly between Thanksgiving & Christmas) without the costs of postage or print!

Your customers are looking for choices. They want to shop in the comfort of their own home 24 hours a day, comparison shop online but then be able to buy online or in the store. Christian retailers that meet the needs of the next generation of consumers will survive and even thrive in the marketplace.

Are you currently doing all you can to market your store online? Do you have a professionally designed website that you are proud to share with your customers? Do you offer new release info frequently via e-mail? Signature Marketing were created with you in mind. It's everything you need to market your store and products online.

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