Why Serve The Church

"...for the future health of the industry, CBA stores must reconnect with churches while still maintaining a customer focus." – Getting Back to Church Roots, Aspiring Retail

There's never been a more critical time for committed Christian retailers to wholeheartedly serve the church and the people inside, for the sake of the Kingdom and their store. In a culture where people have great needs and too little time, the church is God's agent called to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry". God has uniquely positioned Christian retailers to recommend and supply the tools the church needs to carry out this Biblical mandate.

The 350,000 churches in America are seeking out resources weekly if not daily. As believers, Christian retailers are committed to the Great Commission and work of the local church in carrying it out. Partnering with local churches enables these retailers to meet the needs of the church, grow the ministry God has entrusted to them and find great fulfillment in filling this unique calling.

Reaching the people inside the church expands the reach of the Christian retailer and the church. Christian retailers can help grow the church and the people inside through the recommendations of church leadership, church and retailer sponsored events, and providing life-changing resources designed to grown those in the church 24/7. Growing people make a growing church and people engaging with Christian lifestyle resources help make it happen.

For many retailers, this partnership includes relationship building with local church leadership and co-sponsoring events in the local Christian community. Some are co-sponsoring Christian Education and Church Music events in their market, recommending tools and providing instruction on how to use them. Other retailers are providing sets of recommended resources for church programs, based on the results of the Church Profile information the church provides. Most retailers are very alert to identify church leadership in the community and then cultivate relationship by listening and providing helpful recommendations, sponsoring breakfasts or lunches to encourage fellowship and broaden horizons.

Online information and Church catalogs are the tools pastors use for research. Pastors and other church leaders want information regarding resources that they can trust, which is readily accessible, and can be easily referenced by the retailer. They want to receive the resources they select quickly and conveniently. Innovative can provide the tools they most often use to research products.

As a Christian retailer, you can succeed in this changing church marketplace...and Innovative can help. With the new ways churches are doing things, the new ways they're looking for resources and certainly the MAJOR changes in the way they purchase resources, you need specific tools and strategies and Innovative can provide what you need. Innovative can help you succeed in the midst of these changes.

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