Innovative Church Marketing Comprehensive Programs

Tools that help you reach the church and the people inside

You have the opportunity, even a sacred trust, to partner with the church in ministry, as each week church leaders select resources to further their ministry efforts. You have the privilege of coming alongside them by recommending and securing resources to increase the impact of their ministry.

Now, you can link arms with leading Christian retailers throughout North America, by utilizing the church marketing tools most often selected for serving the church.

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Church Supplies Annual Catalog

In-Print...Church Leaders Want to Shop and Compare
You have the opportunity to provide your resource recommendations and services to churches as they search for ministry resources and make purchases each week. The Annual Church Supplies Catalog includes over 200 pages of premier and denominationally diverse church resources and supplies from over 75 leading vendors—products where you're not competing with SAM'S and other Big-Box stores.

The Annual Church Supplies Catalog includes the very best in Church resources and supplies, organized into easy-to-find categories with full-color page headers and thumb tabs, identifying each category. The quick reference index in the front of the catalog aids users in quickly finding the resources that will be most helpful. The complete index in the back of the catalog includes author and title listings, as well as product name listings.

The comprehensive Annual Church Supplies Catalog can be personalized for your store with time-release coupons for church leadership in the front of the catalog. Also, 24-Hr Shipment of seasonal and core church products are a part of the Innovative Church Marketing Program for the catalog.

Church Supplies Online

Provide one of the most comprehensive selections of Church resources and supplies online, private branded for your store!
Build relationships and sales with Church leaders by giving them online tools to shop thousands of Church products in over 200 Church categories, accessing recommended resources, extensive product information and product samples. It's the perfect tool for Church staff to access your store and product information FAST in the Church office, at home, or in committee meetings. Whether they choose to make their purchases in the store, by phone or online with convenient 24 hour shipping, they'll appreciate your world-class service!

You can provide your resource recommendations and services to churches as they search for ministry resources and make purchases each week. Included are Seasonal Promotions which are coordinated with the Innovative Church Marketing Programs, recommended Church products by category, and ministry resource recommendations for most church ministry needs.

Build relationships with Church leaders and sell Church products where you're building the Church and not competing with SAM'S and other Big-Box stores.

Customer Service Tools

In-Person...They Want to Know You Care
Innovative Church Marketing Customer Service Tools provide what you need to help build relationships with church leaders, serve customers and increase church sales.

These customer service and in-store support materials for serving the church include a complete product key, a vendor index for easy supplier reference, seasonal merchandising kits and sales building tools. Church profiling and tracking tools, easy-access customer service information, as well as tools for the continued development of staff customer service skills, are all included in the Sales Builder Tools.

Church Renovation Program

Grow Church Relationships and Profit From Each Church Renovation You Refer!
Discover new ways to help you grow church relationships, services and profits. Through our partnership with one of America's Church Renovation Leaders for over 30 years, you can grow your relationship with your churches and increase your profits.

Offer Best quality and Price with National Network of Contractors Specializing in Churches!
Provide your churches with the information they need to make their best renovation decisions with face-to-face professional design and construction consultation, along with prompt and immediate service. Years of church renovation experience gives your churches the benefit of church renovation experts and quality products all at volume pricing. You can count on prompt and immediate service, while supporting your local economy.

Fast Fulfillment They Want it Now

Store core-product orders delivered in 1-4 days. Customer orders shipped in 24 hours.

Innovative Church Marketing Program Details
Description Premier Program Builder Program NEW! Starter Program(With Signature Website)
Annual Church Supplies Catalog (Releases October) 300 100 50
Sales Builder Kit (Reference Guide) 1 1 1
Internet Advertising & E-Commerce
Listing on "America's Premier Christian Retailers"
Listing on Church Supplies Online Store Locator
Store Customization of Outside Catalog Covers Personalized Sticker
Store Customization of Inside Catalog Covers