Church Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When should a Retailer use the Innovative Church Marketing Program?

    A retailer should use the Innovative Church Marketing Program when they desire to partner with the church in ministry, recommending and supplying resources and providing ministry support. They can link arms with leading Christian retailers throughout North America by utilizing the print, online and fulfillment church marketing tools most often selected for serving the church.

  • What is included in the Church Marketing Program?

    The Church Marketing Program is a comprehensive annual solution designed to provide promotional tools and business-building resources for member Christian retailers. Membership tools and benefits include: Annual Church Supplies Catalog, Seasonal Catalogs, Church Supplies Online, Sales Builder kits and convenient Fulfillment options.

  • How much does the program cost?

    Prices vary dependent upon number of catalogs needed; please refer to the Program overview of Premier/Builder Marketing options for more information.

  • What can I put on my catalogs for customization?

    We will provide a template defining the space to be customized on the catalog covers. All store information such as the logo, address information, phone numbers, URL and email addresses can be included on the outside front and back covers. For the Premier Program, the inside front and back covers can be personalized as well. The inside front and back most often include store services, message from the store staff, pictures, mission statements or visions, contact information, etc.

  • Will you mail my catalogs for me?

    Yes, we offer a mailing service which makes mailing your catalogs easy and cost effective by mailing directly from the printer. You can save the catalog freight charges to your store by having us bulk mail them.

  • When are the catalogs available?

    The catalogs are shipped beginning mid-September thru mid-December.

  • When do I have to order my catalogs?

    For extended installment payment options, orders should be placed by March 31st. Other terms can be arranged after that date. However, catalog production begins in April, with catalog cover proofs due the end of May. When your order is placed early, necessary customization and other production elements flow more smoothly.

  • How can I purchase additional catalogs?

    Additional catalogs may be purchased and billed using same payment method you choose for your yearly subscription. Additional catalogs can be purchased in increments of 50 with a minimum of 50 ordered.

  • How will the Seasonal Catalogs help me?

    The Seasonal catalogs are an excellent tool for marketing and offering the right products at the right time, and at the right price. The catalogs are great tools to gain new customers by providing great resource ideas for the season.

  • How long is the Church Resources Catalog good for?

    Catalogs of this type are often used for a year or more.

  • When will the Church Resources Catalog be available?

    Late November early December is the earliest availability date for the following year's Church Resources Catalog.

  • How Many Pages is the Church Resources Catalog?

    96-112 Total Pages.

  • What is the discount on the product?

    Discounts varry, and it's best to check with distributors or vendors for additional information.

  • Who are the vendors and do I have to have accounts with each vendor?

    The CRC product set is tailored to fast ship products, available for immediate shipment from STL, Anchor, or one of the several other fast & easy fulfillment sources. Many of the leading Christian publishers and suppliers are represented.

  • What are the shipping charges on ordered product?

    Shipping Charges vary by fulfullment source, distributor or vendor.

  • Is there a list available of all products in the Church Resources Catalog?

    Yes, a fulfillment key with vendor and product information is provided with the Church Resources Catalog.

  • What does my customization look like? How much information? My logo?

    Customization includes your name, address, phone, etc. on the catalog covers. See order form for more information.

  • What is the cost and what is my minimum order?

    Minimum Order is 50 and cost is determined by the customization options you choose.

  • Do you mail them for me?

    No, The Church Resource Catalogs are shipped directly to Retailer.

  • How do you want payment?

    We accept payment by credit card or check prior to shipment.

  • Why do I need a Church Resource Catalog?

    Comparision shopping for most Churches begins with a catalog, either print or online. the Church Resources Catalog helps the store to identify key church product offerings and allows the store to successfully competes with other product sources. The Catalog enables stores to be connecting to the church leaders and decision makers. We're all part of the Family of God and many stores feel called to support the church as partners in Ministry. The Church Resources Catalog provides stores with an effective vehicle to communicate their commitment to serving the church, and helps create sales by linking stores to marketing promotions such as STL's Church Resource Program.

  • Does the Church Resources Catalog come with an online ecommerce component like ICM's membership program?

    Yes, these services are available, often at a deep discount for program users.

  • Do I have to be a "member" to participate in the Church Resources Catalog Program?

    No, there are no membership requirements.