Innovative Church Marketing Solution

Innovative Church Marketing Comprehensive Program

Use The #1 Church Marketing Solution For Growing Relationships and Sales

Successful Christian retailers are focused on serving the Church during these challenging times—here's why.

These retailers have learned that having the trust of Church leadership means substantial ongoing church sales, as well as staff and congregation sales.

Retailers' trust relationship allows them to share in leaderships' dreams for their church, staff, and members, as well as leaders recommending the store to their staff, leaders and congregation.

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The Church Resources Catalog

The Best Church Resources to Reach Churches and Expand Your Ministry...With Fast & Easy Fulfillment

If it's all new to you and you're looking for a place to start serving your churches or you want the convenience of a fully fulfilled catalog, check out the Church Resources Catalog.

Equipping the Church is a God-given calling and a sacred trust. Now, you can recommend the best resources to your churches from the best vendors.

We can help you flourish in your calling with the Church Resources Catalog, Convenient Product Fulfillment and Online Options. You'll have the tools you need to equip the church and expand your ministry.

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Church Supplies Online

Provide one of the most comprehensive selections of Church resources and supplies online, private branded for your store!

Build relationships and sales with Church leaders by giving them online tools to shop thousands of Church products in over 200 Church categories, accessing recommended resources, extensive product information and product samples. It's the perfect tool for Church staff to access your store and product information FAST in the Church office, at home, or in committee meetings. Whether they choose to make their purchases in the store, by phone or online with convenient 24 hour shipping, they'll appreciate your world-class service!

You can provide your resource recommendations and services to churches as they search for ministry resources and make purchases each week. Recommend ministry resources and sell products where you're building the Church and not competing with SAM'S and other Big-Box stores.

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